yall mocking amanda bynes for her public struggle with mental illnesses while being all tagging trigger warning n shit becuase you “care about other peoples illnesses and safety” i see you and i can smell your fake ass miles away and i dont appreciate this stinky concept 

Dating someone new is nerve wrecking. I haven’t been on a proper date in ages and the process of getting to know someone new on a romantic level all over again is out of my comfort zone. I hate spending time and emotional effort on someone that may not even come. I value close relationships with people very highly, romantic ones or not, so it is such a big loss for me when I end up empty handed. I just don’t let anyone get under my skin, I handpick very carefully.


Please be kind to people. If they’re not doing anything to hurt anyone and don’t have intentions to either then don’t try to hurt them. Remember that everyone have feelings and their own struggles. You don’t know where they’re at and what it could take to drag them to hell. Maybe just a nudge on the wrong button and they’re back on square one. Please show some respect to one another.


Ola Rudnicka at Vera Wang Spring 2015.
You are often compared with the model Alia Galyautdinova.What do you think about it?

Oh y’all know how much I love to be compared to people who are light years above my league.


Outfit goals
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I’ve slept far too little but at least the weather is nice spice eat fries kill flies it’s the season of their demise #fineasspoetryrightthur


photographed by Stas Kalashnikov for Lena Mitrofanova
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Yaaaasss! Another package from @makeupstore 💕✨ Gonna do some Hunger Games/Katniss Everdeen look with this! YOU HAVE MET YOUR MATCH JLAW!
Timothy Rowan
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