James Smith for Terry Terry
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A makeup done by me inspired by the imaginations I got while reading the book The Hunger Games. Make-up list at
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I used to see other women as my competition, I even disliked them when I thought they were prettier and better than me. But I stopped with that and as cheesy as it sounds, I’ve been feeling much better about myself. Women get shit thrown at them too often as it is already - only for being women - we don’t need to tear each other down as well.
P.S. This is not my picture.
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Among all the talented makeup artists and their Halloween makeups I barely make the cut with what I’m bringing to the table. I’m blaming it on my none existing Halloween spirit. The makeup is not 100% done here so let’s just have this as a preview! This is a Hunger Games inspired makeup based on what I imagined “the girl on fire” would look like (aka Katniss) in the ceremony where her dress caught on fire. Not just some eyeliner and weak false eyelash game she had in the movie… I read the books before the movies so basically nothing looked like I had imagined 😐
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Skinny bitches in the club be like ‘I just wanted to have fun but fuck them skinny bitches they said’ 🐍 Anaconda reference. I’m so funny 💩💩💩
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D.Gnak SS15

Balmain Spring 2015
Timothy Rowan
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