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Idk what’s in the water I’m drinking but damn I think my hair is on steroids 👶 #gotselfiesfordays #hanteradet #jålå
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These roses are everythaaaaang 😍
"Don’t be a cunt and play tough towards people who’s shoes you wouldn’t even last a day in." -



I wish I could use Unrelenting Force on people in real life.

Just imagine if someone is all up your arse and you just wooosh them away and if they’re weak enough they might die although you didn’t touch them


I find it so strange how one can see tons of good pictures of someone and one bad and will freeze their mind upon the bad picture and all the good pictures (both in the past and in the future) don’t matter anymore. You get me? Just like a person can do tons of good things but the moment they do something bad people highlight that and sweeps the good stuff under the rug.

what's your favorite smell?

The spilled blood of my enemies


Castello di Kanazawa 

ANASTASIA KRIVOSHEEVA in 30 Seconds to Mars’ music video “Up In The Air”
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Erik Put @ IAmELK Agency | Submitted by Ivan Andreas Renema 
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Started to think my tan already had faded but then I saw a selfie before I started to tan
Timothy Rowan
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